If you are one of the million Facebook users these days, there is a higher chance that you leave your Facebook account logged in with your computer, mobile or laptop. Logging in without logging out from the account may help strangers accessed it and penetrate in it. You should be very serious in preventing this from happening. Do you know that there are lots of ways to prevent your account from being accessed by someone whom you do not know and one of the best and the easiest thing to do is to log out from it? This effectively prevents tools such as the Blue Portal password hacker from hacking your Facebook account. As you read along, you will discover some of the most important things that will prevent hackers from accessing your Facebook account without your knowledge.

Make a strong password for your Facebook account

Your Facebook password should be unique and hard to guess. You can always update your password though the account settings page of Facebook. To compose the best and the most unique password that will make hackers have a hard time guessing it is a combination of alpha-numeric with small and capital letters in it too.

Set your phone number of the account

You can set your contact number, which is one way to boost your online Facebook security too. This can help if you ever forgot your password. Facebook will send you your password though the contact numbers you have provided. Adding a mobile number is easy, all you need to do is to go to account settings, mobile and add a phone number. When you are done, a text message will then be sent to you with an instruction of how to finish the entire process. Do you know that this process is important? It’s because as soon as your number is registered to Facebook and there is a problem like someone hacked your page, you can deactivate your account and then reactivate it easily again.

Keep secure browsing on

When you use Facebook, make sure that secure browsing option is always on. You can do this every time you go online and then it will automatically limit the applications integrated with Facebook from working harmfully or in taking personal information without your permission. You can do this by going to the account settings, security and secure browsing.

Turn on “login approval”

Login approvals are also known as an added security feature of Facebook. There should be a security code every time you access your Facebook page from devices you don’t usually use. Login approvals can be found at the account settings, security and login approvals option.

Use a code generator…

Code generator is only for android phone users. All you have to do is to download Facebook application from Google play to your device. As soon as it is downloaded, Facebook will give you instructions of how to install the code generator. You can go to menu, account, code generator and then add app. When you are done just click on the finish set up option.

How to hack a Facebook account

Looking to find a way to hack into a Facebook account? Let’s just straight off advice that hacking is never encouraged and that it violates privacy right. Even using sites such as BluePortal can be tricky. Not to mention that it’s illegal. Now, if you’re doing it for “educational” purposes, then we commend you. It’s better to know what you’re up against so you know how to protect your account from it, right?

Facebook is a prime target for hackers all over the world

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Unique account hacks for Facebook are introduced each day

Facebook is the most popular social networking site today. It has, at any given time of the day, over 700 million users logged in and actively updating and posting on Walls, chatting and what have you. This is what makes Facebook a very attractive target to hackers. There’s just so much information that can be mined from the site. There are also countless opportunities to scam people of money.

Protecting your Facebook account

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A ton of men and women are hacking Facebook accounts

Anyway, if you want to protect your account, then you should probably start by learning about the most popular method of hacking Facebook accounts. It’s called phishing and it always, always comes up in search engine results. It’s not overly complicated to do. Even someone with minimal computer knowledge can pull it off.

So what exactly is phishing? It’s a way to acquire information like user names and passwords and in many cases, credit card information from unsuspecting victims. The way it’s done is through the use of fake web pages that mimic the look and feel of the original one. Phishers basically pretend to be trustworthy entities.

They usually appear in emails with links alleging they’re from Facebook or similar networking sites, or from auction sites, online payment channels or IT admin. They work to lure the victim into accessing the provided links and entering their credentials. Once the info is entered onto the fake page, it is sent to the logs of the hacker.

Here is a step by step tutorial to let you know how to create a fake Facebook phishing page. Like already mentioned, it’s easy and won’t take a lot of brainpower to pull off.

To start, you will be creating two files: phishing.php and index.html. Here are the steps.

1. Create the phishing.php file. You’ll need a PHP script for that. Hackers will constantly hold the advantage with regards to hacking Facebook accounts and though Facebook is doing their best they’re trying in vain. It will be the one collecting all the data. You can find a download link on the web.

2. Create the index.html page by going to Facebook.com. Do not log in. What you want to do instead is right click anywhere on the page.

3. Choose “view page source.”

4. Open the source code in a text editor. You can use notepad for this.

5. A new window will pop up with all the HTML codes that you need. Hit Ctrl +F and look for the word “action.” It should look like this:

action=”https://www. facebook. com/ login.php? login_attempt=1″

6. Replace the link after the word action and between the “ “ with phishing.php. So it should now looks like this:


7. Save the page as index.html.

8. Create an account with a free hosting website. The more commonly used ones for this method are t35.com and freehostia.com.

9. Upload your two files (phishing.php and index.html) to the Facebook folder you created inside “your name.t35.com.” Once the upload is done, the link to the Gmail phisher will look like this: www.your name.t35.com/facebook/index.htm.

10. Send the link to your intended victim.

That’s it. You can make up a whole email body explaining why the victim needs to access the link you sent (ex. he needs to update his password, he won something, etc.) Once he logs in using your link, his credentials will be gathered and stored on the free hosting website account as a log.txt file.

You have now successfully run a phishing hack.